Midterm Madness


Instagraming my notes will not help me pass my Anthro Midterm...

It is officially October which means…Midterms! I feel the urge to high five my face to my desk continuously whenever I think about just how much I’ve already learned in my classes, and how i’ll need to figuratively regurgitate that information for all of the midterms to come in the next two weeks. It seems overwhelming when jumbled altogether into a massive midterm monster of an idea, but I am a Mawrter, so I shall be fabulous and get through it and thoroughly enjoy the week long Fall Break that follows soon after! I know that last year as a freshman, I felt nervous about taking my first ever set of major college tests, so I want to pass down two pieces of advice that i’ve found helpful in such a situation.

1. Resist the urge – Turn off your computer!
Although I love Steve Jobs (R.I.P.) for inventing the Macbook Pro, sometimes I feel as if I could get so much more accomplished if I didn’t have it. If you’re a tumblr/facebook junkie like me, your computer could be what’s standing in your way. If you can, try going to Canaday, Carpenter or Park and print out the assigned reading. Reading on the computer always presents the possibility of pressing ctrl-T for a new tab, which will undoubtedly lead to diversions. If you need a firm hand, try downloading Self Control, an app that will help restrict what you can and can’t access through the web (just make sure to double-check your list before you start – my friend restricted moodle by accident!). It’s been that extra push many a times, when I myself was too weak on my own…

2. Give yourself a goal – How long are willing to take?
Pushing back work until the very last minute is one of the biggest problems (procrastination anyone?) for a college student. If you give yourself the entire night (and perhaps dawn…) to finish an assignment, you will be giving yourself an excuse to take maybe one too many breaks in the process. Make a set time goal – for instance, if you have a Spanish worksheet due, give yourself 30-40 minutes to finish it. You’ll be more motivated in that you know you’ll have to finish in that allotted time. When you’re done, give yourself a set amount of break time, and then, like the Mawrter that you are, trudge on!

Midterms can be scary, whether you’re a freshman, or a senior. But they don’t have to be! Just be mindful in your study plan, and before you know it, fall break will be here, waiting to hold you in her arms, ready to give you a little R&R. If you’re ever feeling stressed, take a break! Go have a chat with your friends, or visit lovely Athena at TGH and make an offering. Breaks are not bad – just make sure your breaks aren’t longer than your study periods! Happy studying – Don’t give into the Midterm Madness!

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