Summer in 한국

It has been quite a while since i’ve written on this blog – but I do apologize! This past summer has been a blur, and I finally have some time to sit down and write more about what I experienced while enjoying summertime in Seoul, South Korea. For those of you who don’t know, 한국 means Korea in Korean!

So this past semester, I was nominated and selected as an Alumni Regional Scholar by the Bryn Mawr Alumni board. This meant that I would receive a scholarship in order to pursue an internship during the summer. It’s the first time I applied for a scholarship, so I was so thankful and surprised to have actually been selected. With that money, plus an additional sum for airfare, I decided to commit to an internship in Seoul, Korea, with a TV Broadcast station, ArirangTV,

Editing Room at ArirangTV

The editing room! Spent many hours here…

which focuses on spreading Korean culture and language to foreigners and anyone else who might be interested in learning more about Korea. I was then put into a team for a show called, “Bizline”, which focused on news about Korean technology and economics, and how these affected the global markets and community.

I was originally signed on for only 8 weeks, but ultimately ended up staying for 11, since I literally fell in love with the team as well as the work that I was doing. Since my first language is English, I was put in charge of alot of thing that had to do with translating as well as writing in English. Dubbing is a must for the show, since the interviews are done in Korean. Scripts are then written by the writers, but I always looked it over before submitting it for recording. My favorite part of the job was going off on filming – I would tag along with whichever producer I was assigned to and would travel around Seoul – and sometimes out to the countryside – in order to film an interview or event for the show. It was so exciting, and I got to practice my conversational Korean with the producers as well as the interviewees.


Bizline co-workers

The Bizline team!

Korean work culture was also something that I learned a lot about while interning at Arirang. The concept of “team” is so important in a Korean working environment. Teamwork is something that is so valued by everyone. Accomplishments are the results of the team, and not any one individual. Creating a tight-knit group called for lots of dinners and lunches together. If at all possible, everything was done as a team. It was something that surprised me, since I was not used to any type of working culture at all. It was so enriching and I loved the fact that no one was left out and everything was worked on together, and not assigned to any one individual. The show depended on the team’s working relationship, and that made it very important for everyone to have a good relationship with everyone.

11 weeks seems like a long time, but looking back, it went by too fast, I couldn’t even process it while it happened. The people I worked with are people I know, will be part of my life for a long while. They started out as my co-workers and superiors, but in the end, they have become people that I am comfortable with outside of the work place – friends. I am very thankful for the opportunity I had in Seoul this summer, and without the ARS Scholarship, it might’ve been a lot harder for me to have even fathomed about such a chance. Cheers!

To all of those trekking back to Bryn Mawr, good luck! I will be studying abroad in Copenhagen, DENMARK for my fall semester! More about that later.

Until Next Time!


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  1. Nail Kwon

    Hi, Kristie. it’s Kristie,right? I am one of your followers on twitter and absolutely in love with your blog in spite of the fact that this is actually/ashamedly my first time leaving a comment. The reason I decided to make a comment is solely because there’s no comment down below and you might think that means no one’s reading your blog which could lead you to put an end to all of this. I’m truly a huge fan of your blog and I do hope you keep doing what you do. Keep up the good work! With all my heart, Nail. (I’m also korean like you!)


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