Mini-Olympics with GCC

It is officially Fall Break! If you’re still unsure of what to do this week, check out my last post for some ideas based on my own past experiences. I’ve been able to take a breather and relax since arriving in LA – and I have to say that these past couple of weeks have seriously just flown over my head. With it being the last Fall semester (dun dun dun!) I’ve been focusing on 1) senior thesis 2) taking advantage of living near Philadelphia and last but not least 3) getting more involved in my extracurriculars, which includes the college ministries of Grace Covenant Church!

Finding a Church in college has been a roller coaster of an adventure in itself. I found myself solely responsible for getting up early on Sundays, as well as for making the effort to go from one church to another in hopes of finding the right fit. Harvest Christian Fellowship was a big help my freshman year, and that’s how I ultimately found GCC. One thing I love about GCC is that they have special events, including one that happened two weeks ago, appropriately named “Mini Olympics”.

Mainline Team w/ our amazing banners @ Mini-Os, 2014!

Mainline Team w/ our amazing banners @ Mini-Os, 2014! Ended up getting 2nd Place out of many!

Although Bryn Mawr, Haverford, Villanova and other Mainline campuses enjoy GCC ministries located locally, GCC is actually huge in that it has a University City campus as well, which caters to students in the Philadelphia area, including Penn, Drexel, Temples, etc. Every fall semester, the “Mini Olympics” take place, where all the small groups from GCC compete against each other in a series of relays, races, and general physical challenges. The Mainline small group has had a long-standing goal of winning the trophy and coveted 1st place position, but we ended up with 2nd for the 2nd year in a row, which was sad, but hey – it could’ve been worse (plus, we ended up having a great time).

Sunday Service @ Baldwin School

Sunday Service @ Baldwin School

For people who are still looking for a church – take a chance and explore all of the great ministries around the Mainline! Whether it’s GCC or somewhere else, Bryn Mawr makes it easy with church tours via Harvest Christian Fellowship. It’s a great way to connect with other students from other schools who are also looking for a good church community to plug themselves into, as well as a great way to meet really cool young-adults and mentors. For GCC, here’s some quick info about weekly meet ups that happen:

Tuesdays: Bible study in Erdman Pit @ 7 PM
Wednesdays: Bible study in Rhoads Study Room @ 7 PM
Fridays: “Friday Night Live”// Joint-Friday fellowship with other Mainline schools, 7:30 PM
Sunday: Sunday Service at the Baldwin School @9:45 AM!

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