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This past weekend was parents/family weekend! You could tell by the sudden influx of cars all over campus (parking was hard, eep!), and of course, by all of the parents following their daughters around campus. Bryn Mawr did a great job in hosting another family weekend, and I had the chance to be part of the activities by participating in “Bryn Mawr & Beyond”, which was hosted by our lovely LILAC and CDO.

published! sort of... the booklet with all of our summer experiences.

published! sort of…
the booklet with all of our summer experiences.

One thing that I truly appreciate about my school is that there is an abundant amount of support for anything you want to pursue – in t his case, Summer internships. For the past two summers, I was able to receive funding from the Alumnae Regional Scholars as well as LILAC. Bryn Mawr & Beyond was an event where all of the funding recipients came together in Thomas Great Hall to share with parents and students about their experiences this past summer. The event itself started around 10 AM, and we all got very cool lilac (get it? LILAC? haha) t-shirts. There was a great snack set-up and I got to sip on hot chocolate as I conversed with several parents and students about my experience with the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce (I spent May to August with the Communications and Marketing Department as their intern).

It was really great to talk to people about my own experiences with my internships, as well as being about my experience with Bryn Mawr and the summer funding opportunities I was lucky enough to enjoy. As expected, there were a lot of parents there wanting to get a first-hand opinion about what their daughters should do during the Summer, and how they too could receive funding. I’m no expert, but it was great to just share my opinion based on my experiences, as well as hear about other students and their various concerns and goals (a lot of the parents I spoke with were parents of freshmen, so it was great to hear about their adjustments, major-finding-adventures, etc.)! It’s cliché, but the event helped me reflect on my time this Summer a bit more and really helped me appreicate and realize how great our school is inside and outside of the classroom. It’s another great thing about attending a small school – there are so many opportunities, and those opportunities are most definitely within reach of everyone!

Pho! Credits to G.K.

Pho! Credits to G.K.

On another note – there is a new Pho restaurant on the mainline and it is delicious! I am a huge fan of pho, so I was ecstatic when my friends told me that Pho Street had just opened up. We enjoyed a bowl (or two) this past weekend, which was their grand opening. If and when you have time, I highly recommend that you sit down and enjoy a bowl!

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