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This past weekend marked a new adventure in my life – I changed it up and decided to attend my first Charity Gala. It was held on behalf of 12+, an organization that helped inner-city students in Philadelphia. I, as well as two other Bryn Mawr students attended together, along with some friends from Villanova. The gala itself was a great experience, and the testimonies given by the students reminded me that not everyone is as lucky as me or other Bryn Mawr students when it comes to pre-college academic opportunities.

Bryn Mawr students at 12+ Gala, Yuju Park '16, Eunyoung Park '15 and moi!

Bryn Mawr students at 12+ Gala, Yuju Park ’16, Eunyoung Park ’15 and moi!

The majority of the night was dedicated to a series of auctions that were meant to raise money for 12+. The auction prizes ranged from gifts cards to restaurants to court side seats for the 76ers games! A couple of us bid for a gift card to Sugar Philly, and believe it or not, our number was called! We were jumping up and down, because although $25 doesn’t seem like much, when it comes to Macarons, it’s more than enough for three girls.

What really resonated with me throughout the night was the mission of 12+. Although they are only focused on one specific high school, they have plans to expand to two more in the very near future. I think about all of the opportunities we are given here at Bryn Mawr, as well as my experience in high school and think about all of the encouragement and support I was/am given. It’s organizations like 12+ that make it possible for students who were born into a certain negative environment to reach their true potential, which I think is what made the gala so great – people were able to hear from the actual recipients of 12+ support, as well as were given the opportunity to contribute financially as well as socially in terms of writing letters of encouragement.

mainline crew!

mainline crew!

This weekend was definitely a great reminder as to how important it is to give back as well as help others in need. Sometimes, I forget how lucky I am to attend a school like Bryn Mawr where help is always given or available to people in need.

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