Coming Back One Last Time

The first week of school has already past, and I am already feeling like i’m in a head spin! Winter break was a perfect pause between first and second semester, and as a Senior who is done with her thesis (HALLELUJAH PRAISE ATHENA!), this last Spring semester is going to be about making it count and experiencing everything one last time…

Course registration this semester was so hard – because there were so many class that I wanted to take! If I could, I wish I could get a time turner (Harry Potter reference, anyone?) and take every single one, but thankfully, I think my schedule this semester will be comprised of the ones that I wanted to take the most, and in the end, I hope that it’ll be the best semester yet. I’m so used to thinking ‘Ah, i’ll just take it next semester’, but this time… that options not possible! yikes! Anyways, I hope everyone’s shopping week was just as successful as mine, and that’s one thing I love about Bryn Mawr – the flexibility of class shopping and registration (something i’ll miss!)

There are alot of things that i’m looking forward to this semester – There’s the Grace Covenant Church college retreat next weekend, which will be my first retreat as a college student (better late than never, right?), a DIS study abroad reunion with some of my bestest friends from Copenhagen, Denmark in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, and of course… Hell Week! There are so many more things that i’m looking forward to after that, but I think i’ll take it one month at a time. Afterall, I want to savor every single thing that I get to do this semester! How is it possible that I am already a second semester senior in college?! It seems like yesterday that I was receiving my customs packet and mug from the alumni association… (eeep!)

I’m also going to be trying to post as much as I can on this blog this semester – I want to remember everything, and this seems to be like a perfect place to do so!

Until Next Time!

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