Confusing Juno & Other Snowy Moments

This past week, there was a flurry of snow from Juno, and a flurry of hope for cancelled classes all throughout the Mainline and Philadelphia. Whereas New York and Boston experienced a “snow-pocalypse”, Juno was didn’t live up to it’s name here in Pennsylvania.

It reminds me of last year’s Spring term, when cancelled classes were a common thing every week in January and February. Never in my life have I experienced so many “snow days” (this is probably because there’s no such thing in Seoul where I went to high school, or in California where I live right now). As someone who lives in California now, I am so used to wearing shorts, tank tops, and maybe a jacket at night when the temperature goes down to… 40? 50?… I am definitely not a Winter person, but even so, Juno was bearable!

campus is still beautiful during snow season.

campus is still beautiful during snow season.

I remember the first time it snowed when I was on campus as a Freshman. I whipped out my blue snow boots with elephants on them (yes, elephants), put on my under armour heat tech that I had brought from home (from my soccer-playing days), put on about a gajillion layers on top of that, and squished myself into my brand new winter jacket (which I still wear). It’s funny to think about how little I put on (my jacket, long pants, no more snow boots) as a Senior, especially since I was so over-dramatic about snow three years ago. I guess that’s what happens after being at Bryn Mawr for three years – I’ve become a snow master! Come to think of it, it didn’t surprised me that we didn’t have a snow day this past week – Bryn Mawr has experienced a lot worse (remember the power outages last year, anyone? Hurricanes that felt like they were going to knock down the dorms?) so yes, we trudged on through Juno.

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