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Hope everyone had a great, rest-“full” Spring Break! Being back at home in California was so great – The LA weather went through a heatwave, so i woke up to 80-something degree weather every single day… a great change from the harsh windy winter we’ve had here in Philadelphia. Now it’s back to the work grind, and even though I already miss home, i am excited for the rest of the semester.

Being a senior – with a car has opened up a lot of possibilities in terms of being able to get off campus whenever I want. SEPTA is great, but sometimes, the winter weather makes it hard to get yourself out of bed. and honestly, who wants to wait for the train when the frigid air is being blown all up in your face and hair? not this gal. Thanks to my blessed car, i’ve been able to explore and visit a lot of restaurants and cool cafes throughout the year. However one meal in particular seems to be trending among college students and people of all ages in fact. Brunch! Being on the mainline, there are many places that serve a great brunch, but I wanted to take a little time to write about three that have been particularly great.

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Brunch with Mawrters at White Dog Cafe, Wayne

White Dog Cafe, Wayne – A bougie Sunday brunch place that has a great interior and style! I first came here on a Sunday after church, and the place was packed to the brim! Luckily, we skipped waiting in line for a table and opted to sit at the bar, where we were served by the friendly waitress and also had prime seats in front of the TV. We ordered from their special brunch menu and got the Banana Foster French Toast, which was a delicious challah bread with caramelized bananas, as well as the Lancaster County Three Eggs Omelet, which had smoke bacon, goat cheese and the option to be made of only egg whites. I also got to go back for a Saturday birthday brunch with some friends and ended up ordering the omelet again, but it tasted just as great. The bread that they give you before your entree is to die for, and it always varies, so make sure you go more than once to experience their different breads! The dishes are a bit pricey compared to other restaurants, but seems normal for the Mainline audience. This place also makes itself available to students by being near the Wayne train station (perhaps a 10-15 minute walk?).

pumpkin spice french toast... unforgettable!

pumpkin spice french toast… unforgettable!

Nudy’s – Always full, always cozy, always a great option. I first heard of Nudy’s from my friends at Villanova. Thus, I wasn’t that surprised when I went there for the first time and saw a bunch of Nova students repping their school with their school wear while enjoying their brunch. Located past Wayne in Devon, the restaurant itself looks like an actual house and the seating arrangement is really cozy. Be prepared to stand a wait a bit, especially if you go on Saturday or Sunday between 11-1. It’s a popular place for college students because of its fast service and decently priced menu. I will always remember the pumpkin spice french toast that I ordered off their special’s menu… mostly because of the way it melted in my mouth and how it tasted so good with the cream cheese frosting that came with it! Make sure to check our their specials menu because it changes from season to season.

my instagram post of our meal at Minella's Diner!

my instagram post of our meal at Minella’s Diner!

Minella’s Diner – located on Lancaster Ave. in Wayne, this place is a true representation of what a diner experience should be like. Out of the three, Minella’s has the most traditional menu of breakfast and brunch items, but if you’re not feeling like a brunch person, they also have a lunch menu as well. The restaurant itself is a lot bigger than the other two restaurants as well, and they have classic booth seating and a bakery in the front for those who want to take some treats home. I ordered a typical breakfast meal of scrambled eggs & hash, while my other friends ordered salads, muffins, and pancakes… it’s the best place to go if your group has a range of tastes. We had to wait about 10-20 minutes to be seated, but the service was great, and it was a really casual setting, which is good for college students like myself!

No matter what kind of mood you’re in, brunch has a way of making everything better – from midterms to finals, or just a desire to eat out with friends, there are so many options on the mainline! So the next time you find yourself craving pancakes, omelette, or a good ol’ cup of joe, make sure to check out these three places near school!

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