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Last Wednesday, Bryn Mawr hosted “Community Day: Race and Ethnicity at BMC and Beyond”. It was the first time such an event took place on campus, and I have to say, I am grateful to have experienced it as a Senior. Personally, I feel like Bryn Mawr has experienced many things pertaining to race and race relations on campus this year, and the Community Day cultivated Bryn Mawr’s general belief of acceptance and knowledge.

The day started early in the Schwartz gym, and then split into two seminar parts, where students were able to pick and choose which seminars they wanted to join and participate in. As an Asian American on campus, I was very happy to see that there were seminars specifically focused on Asian Americans and their position in society as another ethnic minority. I am currently taking a class where we analyze and learn about Asian Americans in pop culture, and it was very relevant to what I learned at one of the seminars that I attended, “Perspective on Asian Identities”. A lot of people think about other minority groups when they think about racism or racial inequality, but it was great to see students on campus lead a discussion where the “model minority” was also discussed in the context of the two issues mentioned above, and how there are certain stereotypes that are propagated throughout American society and culture.

This year definitely was different from my other three in that the issue of race and being knowledgable about race relations and inequality was very relative throughout the two semesters. The school went through specific experiences that brought the conversation to light, and I am grateful to be at a school where the issues weren’t ignored, but used to raise awareness and knowledge about what we can do as a community and also as individuals.

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