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As someone who played three varsity sports in high school, one of the things that I love about Bryn Mawr is the gym! I try to frequent Schwartz every single day, for at least an hour or so. Although our gym isn’t as big or grand as some other public universities, etc. I always find myself satisfied with the workout that I have, and am sure going to miss the place when I graduate next month (eek!).

As a college freshman, exercising wasn’t in the forefront of my priorities. I was busy making new friends, decorating my dorm room and working out all of my new college classes. The summer before college, I took a break from exercising, and rewarded myself with a period of time where I could eat whatever I wanted and just lounge around all day. It extended into the first couple of months of freshman year and everything seemed fine – except for the fact that one day my jeans felt a bit tight! It was a wake up call – all of those late night dominos and unlimited dining hall feasts i had were catching up to my 5’1″ frame. That’s when i started to take advantage of the college’s fitness facilities and programs.

I started out simple – nervously went to the gym for the first time, got my Onecard swiped at the front desk and ventured out to use the cardio machines. High school made it easy where I was part of soccer, cheer and volleyball. All i had to do was show up to practice and the coach would work my butt off! At Bryn Mawr, I learned to set up a work out that would fit my needs – I ended up splitting my time between cardio and core – core being something I had never done before. I thought being healthy was about keeping a healthy weight and staying slim – little did I know, being strong is so much better and satisfying than simply being skinny! I worked on muscle growth and also signed up for classes like kickbox cardio aerobics – it became one of my favorites and I did it for a whole year and a half! I got into pilates as well, and HIIT (high intensity interval training). Overall, Schwartz provided a space where I felt safe and comfortable enough to explore fitness by myself and with others through classes and programs like intramurals and kickboxing.

I know that post-grad will pose another challenge in that I will have to find a gym and sign up for a membership and all of that grown-up stuff. People don’t realize it, but having a gym on your campus makes things so much easier and at a school like Bryn Mawr, where the college is interested in sustaining a fit and healthy lifestyle for its students, it’s truly a special and unique thing everyone should take advantage of. I have less than a month left – and i’ve challenged myself to take advantage of Schwartz every single day until graduation. It’s definitely my favorite building on campus (that makes me sound like a fitness nut, but I promise it’s great!), and i’ll be sad to leave.

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