Declaring My Minor

Today, I finally got around to declaring my minor – yay! In addition to being a History major, I went ahead and beefed up my undergraduate degree with the addition of a minor in Political Science. It was something I was intending on doing since last year, but never got around to. Thankfully, my advising professor approved my minor plan and voila! Political Science minor added.

Adding a minor has always been something that puzzled me. Everyone knows what a major entails – it’s the main topics of study that you focus on throughout your four years in college. The concept of a minor was a little less obvious – and not as familiar to me. My journey towards declaring my minor began with my search for a major. I entered college as an undeclared major, but thought that I might explore several subjects. I ventured through history, spanish, anthropology, math (what the!) and of course, political science. My course history for the first two years of college was spread throughout all of these disciplines – and it wasn’t until my decision to study abroad that I finally decided to focus on history.

I’ve always had an interest in international relations, specifically in East Asia and the United States, so my declaration as a History major didn’t stop my curiosity and desire to enroll in classes within that context. I even ended up focusing my thesis on East Asian history, and also took classes about China and I.R. during my last two years of college. The course requirements added up, and I realized that although I wouldn’t be able to major in Political Science, I would be able to declare a minor!

The great thing about a liberal arts education is that the general subjects of the majors and minors make it easier to integrate one into the other. I am grateful for the first two years of my college academic experience because it gave me a chance to mix and match courses that I was interested in. The general subject of History made it possible for me to study the topic along with my interest in East Asia and politics. Political Science classes were readily available, even as a History major, and the seminar classes that i ended up taking were some of the most interesting.

So as I prepare to wrap up my classes (eek!) and study for my last set of finals… I’m thankful that it wasn’t too late to declare my minor. It’s been great to study another topic of interest and it’s even better that it’ll be recorded on my degree from Bryn Mawr. Yay for taking advantage of my education!

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