Post-Grad Crossroads

As someone who is nearly four months out of college, I still sometimes find myself boggled by the fact that I will never be returning for undergrad. My four years at Bryn Mawr legitimately feel like they whizzed by and now I find myself wondering – what’s next?

Yes I know many of my classmates have already taken the dive into young adulthood: starting their careers, or beginning the next level of academia. But I spent the Summer preparing for a certain standardized exam I am set to take next month. I know it’ll all be worth it in the end but i can’t help but think – should I have been more prepared? Should I have planned ahead more?

Sure, I might just have to blame post-grad jitters and anxiety. Taking this time to study and go back home might have made me feel as if I was stuck in a pile of molasses, with my friends whizzing by into reality. However, I appreciate the fact that I could take this time to plan out the next few steps of my young adulthood.

As a recent college grad, I am a firm believer in the fact that no one can prepare you for what comes next after college. Ever since pre-K to senior year of college, all we really know about is academia and learning. We aren’t 100% ready to pay the bills, set up our 401Ks or deal with brokers fees. However, I see it as a new challenge – a new set of skills I have to learn now. Bryn Mawr taught me how to be successful in a social/academic setting. However, I need to learn the next few steps on my own.

Does that mean that I regret going to a school that wasn’t as centered on career-oriented goals? Not necessarily – I was able to challenge myself to learn things that I probably won’t have the opportunity to learn about in the future. Kids that go to business schools or career-oriented majors might be more prepared in the beginning, but my skill set that I developed at Bryn Mawr as a critical thinker and problem solver will probably help even out the playing field.

The future might be grey in terms of what the next step might be. But I can say that I truly appreciated my time in undergrad and it definitely is one that is unique and special. I might feel a little uncertain about things now, but my time at Mawr will help me trudge through – like an extended finals week of sorts (haha).

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